Anchan Rice and Horseshoe Crab Egg is Thai dessert made from egg and served with sweet sticky rice.

Anchan Rice and Horseshoe Crab Egg how to make Anchan Rice and Horseshoe Crab Egg

Serves: 4

Time: 40 minutes


2 Eggs
4 Duck Eggs
2 cups Water from Floating Flower
2 1/2 cup of Sugar
Banana Leaf


  1. Put eggs and duck eggs in a bowl. Separate egg yolks and sift with white
    cloth. Filter water-part of the egg’s white in the cup.
  2. Add sugar, water in brass pan and heat to boiling. Do not stir andwait until the
    sugar dissolves.
  3. Cut the banana leaf into three rectangles and then cover together. Roll into
    cone with small hole at the tip.
  4. When syrup boiling, put the egg in your banana leaf cone. Drop the egg gently
    into the syrup in the round shape and then wait until cooked. Bring up and put in
    syrup that you separate before. Ready to serve. You could sprinkle the Aan-Chan
    sticky rice.


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